Executive Search & Selection

Executive Search & Selection


RPG Recruitment operate an Executive Search & Selection service to find top talent for roles. Senior roles where some areas of expertise are very specialised, it can be difficult to find the best candidate with the best experience and the best profile fit for a company. At RPG Recruitment, we can offer our clients an Executive Search and selection service that will guarantee the best candidates are approached for the role, many of these candidates may not be actively looking for a new role.

We are highly experienced in this area and have recruited candidates of all different disciplines up to Senior Executive Level for both SME’s and multinationals across many disciplines including Engineering, Accounting, Human Resources and Marketing.

  • Executive searches will be carried out discreetly, RPG Recruitment will approach candidates for you
  • We can organise branded/non branded advertising if required

Once applications for the role are collected

  • We gather the initial shortlist of suitable candidates
  • Internally Interview each candidate and assess their abilities and personality profile
  • Shortlist the list of suitable candidates for presentation to the client
  • Arrange client interviews
  • Organise feedback to both client and candidates after the interviews
  • Reference check the identified suitable candidate
  • Present candidate with the offer and once accepted arrange a start date
  • Keep in touch with both the candidate & client for a period of time to ensure both are settling in well to the role

The RPG Recruitment Executive Search & Selection service is very much a tailor made service and we will be delighted to discuss it further with you.

RPG - Placement Experts

RPG Recruitment specialise in recruiting professional people for roles up to Senior Executive level in Engineering, Quality, Accounting, Financial Services, Human Resources and Training, Operations management and Marketing.

Whether you're a client or a candidate, we are big believers in treating people like people – not business units. We know you are our business, and your experience of your dealings with us is very important to us. With RPG Recruitment you will be guaranteed the best recruitment service.

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