Recruitment Service

At RPG Recruitment we aim to build long standing relationships with each of clients. We do this by

  • Ensuring we know and understand what your company does and its culture.
  • Ensuring you receive details of candidates whom we believe are the best candidates for each role.

Each candidate presented to you by RPG Recruitment will have been interviewed by a trained recruitment consultant in RPG Recruitment. This ensures you will only receive cvs of candidates who have actually got the required expertise to carry out the role effectively in our opinion. We will present you with a good curriculum vitae for that candidate, their salary expectations and a brief summary of our thoughts on that candidate. This will quickly help you to decide whether or not you wish to proceed to interviewing the candidate.

  • RPG recruitment will arrange all interviews for you.
  • We will continuously communicate with you and the candidates throughout the recruitment cycle.
  • Upon the successful candidate being identified, we will reference check the candidate (if you request this) and we will negotiate the job offer on your behalf
  • We will organise a start date for the candidate.
  • Once the candidate has started in the role, we will keep in touch with both you and the candidate for a period of time to ensure the candidate is settling in well to the role and that you are happy with the candidates performance